Best web crawler API

Extract content from websites with powerful web crawling API or no-code

Single link

Send 1 single link and get all pages for whole website


Receive updates at your service when crawling content is ready

Full JS support

Content as like it in real browser. We use latest Chrome headless to render DOM

Effortless data cleaning

Automatically strips away unwanted HTML tags and irrelevant elements, leaving you with just the valuable content you need. (We are using BeautifulSoup4 lib for that)


Crawled content is stored in the cloud. Access it whenever you want.


Optimize your web crawling with our advanced scheduling feature, allowing you to automate crawls at your convenience and ensure timely data collection.

Web crawler API use cases

AI Chat bots

Do you have an AI chatbot?

Do you need to periodically extract content and data from your users' websites? We can assist you with that! Avoid building your own crawler; instead, concentrate on developing your product.

Tools to analyze SEO

SEO analytics?

If you need to crawl a website to analyze the SEO of your website or your competitors, we can help you with that. We can crawl the website and give you the cleaned content.

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Simple no-tricks pricing

No subscription pricing. No hidden fees. Pay for usage only.

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What’s included

  • Unlimited crawl jobs
  • Content cleaning (extra $0.2/1k pages)
  • Email support

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